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Our future is riding with us!

PosListen to the latest NYAPT podcasts where we talk to interesting people in the school transportation industry.  Our goal is to keep members informed about current NYAPT and Industry news.

Podcast #1:  Host Bill Harvey talks with NYAPT President, Ted Nugent and NYAPT Executive Director. David Christopher about why we started the podcast and the 2023 NYAPT Summer Conference. 

Podcast #2: In this episode we are joined by Lily Black, Mobile Source Air Quality Specialist - Air and Radiation Division for Region 2 of the U.S. EPA, which includes New York and New Jersey.

Lily and her team share details on the current round of grant funding for Zero Emissions School Buses. Dave Christopher, Executive Director of NYAPT, shares updates on the July Summer Conference

and what attendees can expect to see and learn there.

Podcast #3: In this episode we feature the NYAPT Legislative Advocacy team discussing NYAPT's work on legislative issue involving school transportation services.

Podcast #4: In this episode we are onsite at the 2023 NYAPT Conference and Trade Show in Saratoga Springs. Listen as various attendees talk about the conference and other school transportation issues.

There are five segments to this special Conference podcast edition.

Podcast #4 - Part 2 - 2023 NYAPT Summer Conference

Podcast #4 - Part 3 - 2023 NYAPT Summer Conference

Podcast #4 - Part 4 - 2023 NYAPT Summer Conference

Podcast #4 - Part 5 - 2023 NYAPT Summer Conference

Podcast #5 - Summer Conference Wrap-Up

Podcast #6 - With Andrew Krokowski - South Lewis CSD - STN "Top Transportation Team"

Podcast #7 - Welcome Back! NYAPT Executive Director Dave Christopher and Bill Harvey wish all school bus operations a safe and successful school opening and more....

Podcast #8 NYAPT talks with Dan Higbie, General Manager of Mid-City Transit, STA in Middletown, NY.

Dan has successfully deployed electric buses at Mid-City Transit and he is with us today to share his electric bus transition story.

Podcast #9 NYAPT talks with Executive Director Dave Christopher on issues of the day.

Podcast #10 NYAPT talks with Jerry Ormandy, Transportation Supervisor at Downsville CSD on his first electric bus in his fleet.

Podcast #11 NYAPT Talks with Pete James - Part 1. This year, 2024 NYAPT is recognizing the first beginnings of the Association hen several transportation leaders met in 1974 to start the process

of forming the Association.  In this podcast we hear from Past-President Pete James, one of the longest serving members of NYAPT who was actively involved in the formation of NYAPT.

Podcast #11  Part 2NYAPT Talks with Pete James - Part 2. NYAPT Talks continues the conversation with Pete James. How NYAPT was formed and Pete's recollections of his storied career.




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