Governor Announces Arrests of Fraudulent CDL Holders

Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced that investigations carried out by the State Department of Motor Vehicles had yielded the arrest of 51 CDL holders through the use of facial recognition technology.  The drivers were accused of fraudulently obtaining duplicate drivers’ licenses using aliases.

The Department and the Cuomo administration have announced the arrest of some 120 CDL holders on similar charges since February 2011 using the new facial recognition technology.  The recent focus on the qualifications and licensing of CDL holders stems in part from concerns emanating from the rash of accidents involving motor coaches including numerous fatalities.  The investigations demonstrate a renewed commitment to ensuring safety for passengers of motor coaches and all forms of transportation.

The school transportation industry should be aware of and familiar with these new technologies, the enhanced capacity of the DMV to investigate drivers and the clear intention to use such technologies to ensure driver qualifications and credentials for public safety purposes.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the Governor’s press statement, including details of the case and the identities of the CDL holders.

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