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Mission Statement

NYAPT is dedicated to the support, development and representation of the professionals who are responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of our school children.


"Zip, Zero, Nada, None"

NAPT is developing a campaign to help eliminate school transportation related fatalities by 2025 called “Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  None.” NAPT Region 1 Director, Dr. Peter Lawrence will kick off our annual conference with a discussion on  this campaign and how we as NYAPT members, can take part and encourage others to focus their efforts on a fatality-free 2019-20 school year and beyond.

"The Art of Leadership"

Bill Hoosty will present on the "Art of Leadership".  It is increasingly necessary to be more than just a manager in school transportation operations. Leadership skills are a necessity and regularly sharpening those leadership skills is paramount to our success.  Bill will give us the tools to "Become a Master"  using the ever humorous, but effective, Cats and Dogs analogy.  Come to the conference and learn to be a better leader and take your operation to new heights! 

Special Education Transportation

Back upon popular demand,  Attorney Tara Moffet, Esq. from the Girvin and Ferlazzo law firm will update conference attendees on the latest laws and regulations regarding special education transportation.  Tara will cover case studies and recent issues concerning the transportation of students with special needs.  This session was a big hit at Winter Workshop, so attend this summer for a refresher and follow-up.

Transportation/Special Education Department Relationship

Don't miss our own Cindy Jurweicz, Transportation Director from the Bethlehem Central School District, and Special Education Chairperson, Dena Sanders, who will present on the Transportation/Special Education Department relationship.  Cindy and Dena will share real world success stories on how the two departments work together at the Bethlehem School District to safely transport students with special needs to and from school everyday!

NYAPT Endorses Transportation Safety Administration - BASE Program

The NYAPT board recently endorsed the Transportation Safety Administration's Base program.  This program helps transportation operators assess their security and safety programs and offers recommendations for improvement.   Attend the NYAPT Summer Conference, July 14-17 and hear more on this program from TSA program manager Larry King and transportation professionals who have used the program to improve their operations. 

Congratulations 2019 NYSIR Scholarship Winners

Suzanne Ehlers - Springville Griffith CSD

Shannon Fulgum - Hendrick Hudson School District

Barbara Martin - Berne Knox Westerlo CSD

Castel Stone - Jericho CSD

Theresa Ferre - Williamson Central School District

Thank you New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal for Supporting NYAPT!

Upcoming Events

May the Road Rise to Meet You: 

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2019 Annual Conference Program

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NAPT Course Offerings Pre-Conference

PTSI - 19-A Refresher, Saturday, July 13th

National School Bus Safety Week is October 21 - 25, 2019. 2019 theme is "My School Bus, The Safest Form of Student Transportation!"

Upcoming NYAPT Meeting Dates:  Meeting Dates.pdf

Visit the NYAPT "Shop" at http://nyapt.org/TheShop for your 2019 NYAPT Summer Conference Shirt

Industry Leaders

2019 NYAPT Industry Leaders! A Students Education Day starts with us, Safety starts with us and Leadership starts with us.

industry leaders

View profiles of those organizations that have stepped up as leaders in the school transportation industry.


Honors are awarded at the annual NYAPT conference each year in July.  Click star for application links found on our About Us page.

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It Starts With Us

Presidents Theme

A Students Education Day starts with us, Safety starts with us and Leadership starts with us.

To share a quote with you, one I read in a trade journal years ago:  “The Doors to Education are painted Yellow”, I realize how true that is, think about that.  Without us, children would not have a safe ride to and from school each day!  

Over the past 2 years I have done my best to learn how to be an informed leader for this Association we call NYAPT, Our family.  I learned by talking to members who are invested in and belong to, this wonderful Association.  I have learned from our members who care and are passionate about what they do every day. 

It starts with us.
Each and every person in our NYAPT family needs to play a role in our success. 


 The following link lists the C.P.I rate increases in Pupil Transportation Contract Extensions for the 2009-10 through 2019-20 school years. 


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